Fin - A Timer for Performers 1.0

Fin - A Timer for Performers 1.0



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How Much Time Do I Have Left?

It"s a simple question that often lingers in the back of your mind while you"re performing live. A true professional knows how to bring the show to a natural conclusion at just the right moment, but without the benefit of knowing precisely how long you have, you"re at a loss.

Can"t look at your watch. That"s completely unprofessional. But how can you have that simple bit of information at your fingertips without distracting you from the task at hand or distracting your audience?

Fin was created to solve this problem in the most elegant way possible. Take your iPad or iPhone, place it somewhere in front of you, and let the timer run as you deliver the best performance of your life. You"ll know when your time is almost up, but no one else will.

Keep Your Performers on Schedule

If you run conferences or other kinds of live events, you"ll appreciate how well Fin keeps your talent on schedule. Rather than having someone in the front of the room holding up cards for 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and so on, let Fin do the job for you.

Fin will turn the entire screen yellow when less than ten minutes remain. Orange when less than five remain. Red when less than two remain. When time is up, the screen will pulse from red to black and a custom message will appear, notifying the performer that he or she has now gone over his or her time slot. The audience will never notice, but your performers will get the hint.

Controlled with Simple Gestures

Fin was designed to be used in live situations, whether that be on stage or in the recording studio. Starting or pausing is as simple as a tap on the screen. Adding or subtracting time is as simple as a swipe. Swipe with two fingers to double or half your time. Even while the timer is running, you can change the amount of time remaining, in case there"s been a sudden change in schedule.

You can have the timer count up or down, depending on your preference. You can choose whether or not to view seconds, or just minutes, remaining.

Great for Rehearsals

If you know how long your time slot is, Fin will help you practice sticking to it. Use Fin during rehearsals to get a good sense of how long you"re going over or under your allotted time. Fin will automatically start an overtime counter once the timer runs out, so you"ll know not only that the presentation is going too long, but also by how much.


*Large numbers that are easy to read from across a room.
*A visual warning when there are less than ten, five, and two minutes remaining. (Any of these three warnings can be switched on or off as you see fit.)
*A custom message for when the timer runs out.
*Dark and light themes to match your stage conditions.
*The ability to count up or down, and switch between the two, even after you"ve started the timer.
*An overtime counter that counts up after time is up, so you know exactly how long you"ve gone over. Perfect for rehearsals.
*The ability to hide the second counter, so you only see hours and/or minutes remaining
*Universal app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Works in both landscape and portrait modes on all devices.
*Need to switch to another app while Fin is running? No problem. Fin will calculate the time even while you"re gone.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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